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Halal Beef Burgers Wholesale | Get The Best NOW!

if you’re looking for Halal Beef Burgers Wholesale in the UK you’re at the right place. At Original Foods, we have been supplying Halal meat for many years up and down the country. From London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds or Bradford.  Original Foods can supply restaurants, shops, and even wholesaler throughout the UK. We offer a range of different meat products all proudly labelled Halal HMC.

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Being a Halal Beef Burgers Wholesale in the UK is not an easy task. Our meat go through tough regulations to fulfil all the criteria imposed by the Food Standards and HMC. 

 Our beef burgers are 100% Prime Beef. Which means that they are selected from the best Irish Grass Fed Cows. They are 100% pure beef, which gives a quality to the burger that you’ll rarely find anywhere else. 

The usual Chip Shop uses Beef burgers that are generally processed and mixed with other elements of food such as chicken, lamb or even bones sometimes.

We guarantee that our Beef has a top Premium Quality that is soft, has a real taste of Beef and decent in cost too.

Restaurants or Take Aways that order our Premium Beef Burgers on a regular basis notice the difference right away. In fact, it allows them to build a client portfolio that is ever increasing since the quality of the meat is remarquable and outstanding.

Famous take aways in UK’s largest cities generally use this Prime Beef burgers that really makes a difference in the taste of the burger.

This is one of the reason why Original Foods is one of the best Halal Beef Burgers Wholesale UK.

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