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French Tacos with Spicy DZ

Recipe – French Tacos with Spicy DZ, The original Algerian Sauce

Hey guys,

Ever heard of French Tacos? Doesn’t ring a bell does it? Aren’t Tacos meant to be Mexican? Well yes, you’re right but let me tell you a bit about what these crazy guys have done just across the border.

Some chaps near the Alps mountains in France, launched in the late 2000’s a sandwich that is absolutely a revolution in the food industry in France. Their sandwich, called the ‘Tacos’, is a wrap with meat or chicken, a cheesy sauce, stuffed with fries and a crazy Algerian sauce. It has gone viral in Belgium, Morocco and other french speaking countries. It is coming slowly here to the UK but hey, we have a recipe for you.

Among the most demanded sandwiches at home, chicken tacos come first, especially when I season them with Spicy DZ, the original Algerian sauce, I won’t tell you!

It’s true that the chicken tacos with the Algerian sauce are a delight, the only “catch” and always having tortillas at home, otherwise the recipe becomes a bit long. But the result is worth it.

I’m not going to tell you that I have only one recipe for chicken tacos, I make my chicken tacos on the fly, I put in everything I like, and especially what is available at home . And it is always better than the subsequent recipe, yes when it is good it is !!!

with tortillas, I don’t just stop making tacos, I also like to make:

chicken fajitas,
chicken quessadillas
mushroom pizza,
Bolognese tortilla gratin

French Tacos with Algerian Sauce

Preparation Time

20 minutes

Cooking Time

15 minutes

Total Time

35 minutes


Prepare the chicken:
2 chicken breasts
salt, black pepper, cumin, and fajita spices (otherwise the spices to your taste)
2 cloves garlic
olive oil

Algerian sauce:

Our lovely Algerian Sauce from Original Foods

To garnish the Tacos:

  • tortillas
  • sautéed chicken
  • ingredients on top
  • Algerian sauce
  • optional lawyer
  • Red onion
  • grated edam 


  1. start by browning the chicken with the ingredients from the list in a little oil
  2. cook until the chicken turns a nice color.
  3. mix the ingredients of the Algerian sauce, to have a nice sauce, taste to adjust the taste.
  4. garnish the tortillas with a little Algerian sauce
  5. layer the chicken
    add on top, the avocado in strips, the onion in strips, a little more sauce and
  6. garnish with a nice handful of cheese.
  7. fold the tortillas to enclose the contents, and
  8. cook in a panini press, or in a pan on both sides.
  9. enjoy while it’s hot!

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