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You already know what it is – that Algerian Sauce you’ve all been waiting for, with a light spicy kick, but not enough to leave you burning up! And if you are here then you already know what it is! And if you don’t know what it is you better give this sauce of art a try – you have no idea what you are missing out on.

Mum’s Sauce is “THE” brand to get your Algerian Sauce from. Authentic and original, we got the whole range of Mum’s Sauce to leave your kitchen complete. If you want to see how much sauce we got packing take a look at this – Original Foods Instagram. We are fully sauced up here. Taking the UK by storm with originality! Why are we taking the UK by storm? Because we are the official and exclusive suppliers of Mum’s Sauce, meaning anyone you see with Mum’s Sauce in the UK, you can trace back to us. Now that is some serious business.

What is so special about Algerian Sauce?

Do we really need to ask that question. It can be used for anything, from burgers and fries, salads and nachos, breadsticks and hummus! It really is an all-round kind of sauce. That is why it is so special. It has a lovely thickness to it too, the good kind. Now, I don’t know how anyone could possibly enjoy burgers, fries and chips with no condiment on the side. Sauce is a must. So get good Algerian sauce; one that will leave the whole house happy.

See, to really know how special this lovely sauce is, you’ll need to know its roots! And it all began in Belgium, a place well renowned for its sauces (a little bit like we all know Switzerland for its chocolate). The next generation of North Africans bridged the gap between traditional North African condiments, and the speciality of Belgian Sauces. And there you have it – Algerian Sauce – the hybrid of excellence in cuisine.

Do Original Foods and Mum’s Sauce do any other kinds of Sauces?

We sure do! Here is a small list of some of our sauces for you to check out:

With a huge variety of sauces added to your cupboard along with Algerian Sauce, you simply cannot go wrong.

We want an idea of a good recipe that goes well with Algerian Sauce

Sure thing! Why don’t you go check out one of our friends over on Instagram, or check out Cooking With Maria on Youtube! She’s done an amazing recipe for some delicious Big Burgers and so you know Algerian Sauce makes a great burger sauce!

Rapeseed oil (48.2%), water, sugar, vinegar, onions (3.9%), egg yolks (3.2%) (egg yolks, salt, glucose syrup), roasted onions (2.9%) (onions, palm oil, wheat flour (gluten), salt), tomato puree, lemon juice extract, salt, natural extracts, parika, colouring : carotenoids, antioxidant : E385. May contain traces of mustard.
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950ML Bottle, 4L Pouches, Dosettes, Top Down Squeezy Bottle 300ML


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