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Buns are a critical part of our diet. Whether it’s summertime or middle of the winter, grilling season or routine breakfast, everyone loves to go for sweet, delicious, topping loaded burger buns. However, finding the best and healthiest bun for your diet is not always easy. Most of the buns are not made of wholemeal bread, so picking the healthiest option on the shelf is always challenging. That’s where the Americana 4.5” Seeded Burger Bun comes in. 

This fully baked, sliced, white burger bun is oval in shape and approximately 4.5 inches in length. It is made with wheat and significantly large in size, a perfect option to satisfy the hunger and keeps you fuller for a long run. 

They are pretty healthier than most of the other options with low fats and carbohydrate, making it a perfect purse-friendly choice.  Simply, thaw the buns at room temperature and fill with some savoury chicken pieces, salad and delicious sauces and enjoy at any time at any place.

Although they are hearty, delicious and healthy to eat but not a good choice for people on a strict diet as they contain 226kcal per slice.


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