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BIG UP 950 ml MUM’S

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Who doesn’t love sauces? Sauces are the heart of cooking. And Mum’s brand has decades of experience in flawless craftsmanship. Mum’s sauces have a particular space in the culinary world, and their sauces are a complete statement of elegant taste, flavor, and aroma. That’s why Original Foods brings the top-rated Big Up Mum’s sauce for you. 

Big Up is a unique Mum’s sauce that has massive fans in the United Kingdom and is present in almost every kitchen. It complements a large variety of recipes, from simple french fries to complex pasta and chicken steak. This elegant sauce comes with a unique blend of rapeseed oil, pickle, tomatoes, raw onion extract, mustard, rosemary extract, and many other ingredients. Moreover, it also combines antioxidants that make it a healthy addition to your kitchen. It paired elegantly with poultry and pork. So, give it a try today and take your cooking experience to a whole new level.



Rapeseed oil (EU and non-EU), sugar, pickles (8.9%) (pickles, vinegar, salt), water, vinegar, egg yolks,

mustard (water, mustard seeds, salt, vinegar, turmeric), mash of tomatoes, salt, modified starch, natural

extracts, onion, colorings: carotenoids-paprika extract, antioxidant: rosemary extracts.

Weight 1 kg

950ML Bottle, 4L Pouches, Dosettes, Top Down Squeezy Bottle 300ML


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