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1 BOTTLE (12 X 300ML / CASE)

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Have you ever imagined eating french fries without any sauce, or having a BBQ party full of grilled fish, chicken, and veggies but not a single sauce to dip in it? Have you ever eaten pancakes or waffles without any maple syrup or sauce on it? Everything we eat from grilled chicken or veggies to hearty delicious desserts, sauces play an important role in maintaining the taste and flavor of the food. Making sauce is quite easy as they don’t require much ingredients but it is important to get the right one with versatile flavour. 

Big Up Mum’s is an incredible sauce with wonderful taste and flavour, a perfect choice to enhance your food flavour. It contains a unique combination of ingredients such as vinegar, mustard and tomato puree to form a creamy base that efficiently makes your food more pleasant. Top with your favourite french fries, mushroom cheese omelette, steaks, roast or grilled fish and make it more delightful.

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