Something for everyone – This renowned Cajun seasoning can be used for any dish from fish and shrimp to poultry, beef, and more. This excellent Blackened Cajun Seasoning is combined with a unique blend of warm chilli powder, spices, and herbs. Sprinkle over lutece leaves, parmesan, crouton or caesar dressing to add an ethereal flavour to your meal.

Moreover, the season is spicy but not overly hot, which means you can easily use it without fearing too much heat. However, you can easily add more species according to your need and desire for additional heat preference. It is specifically made to deliver the spiciness you carve. 

So if you’re looking for a bold and robust flavour with customized spiciness, this blackened Cajun season from Schwartz is the right choice for you. 

Another reason why it is an overly popular and widely used barbeque seasoning cajun is its flavour. It comes with a robust smoky, peppery flavour with a whisper of garlic, making it a perfect Seasoning for vegetables, meat, and fish barbeque. So if you’re looking to wake up your taste buds, this spicy and piquant blackened seasoning is the perfect blend to take your barbeque experience to a whole new level.


  • SCHWARTZ BLACKENED CAJUN SEASONING: An expert blend of warm chilli powder, herbs and spices making a delicious and authentic cajun spice seasoning
  • A PERFECT ADDITION: Sprinkle over chicken burgers or salmon pieces when cooking. Alternatively, add to lettuce leaves, parmesan and croutons and pour over Caesar Dressing for a delicious Caesar Salad
  • FLAVOUR & AROMA: Blackened Cajun Seasoning has a powerful smoky, peppery flavour with hints of garlic and is perfect for seasoning meat, fish and vegetable for the barbecue
  • OTHER IDEAS: Mix into mayonnaise for a spicy cajun dip for chips or crudites. Or why not use it as a seasoning for tuna steak and sear it to produce a deeper blackened cajun flavour
  • SCHWARTZ: Schwartz Spices are essential for creating and enhancing the colour and flavour of your favourite dishes: Moroccan Spices, Curry Spices, Mexican Spices, fajita seasoning and many more


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