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Box of 12 x Sauces (Same Flavour)


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It is not untruthful to say, sauces are food gifts from god to delight our meal. Serving the food with an appropriate sauce has become necessary as it adds a miraculous taste, flavour, texture and aroma to your food. Even a simple recipe can become extraordinarily delicious and savory with the addition of some sauces. That’s why the demand for sauce is increasing day by day. Seeing this sheer demand of sauces, original food decided to bring a box of 12 sauces. 

12 special blends 12 sauces – This box of 12 sauces(900ml each) contains an excellent blend of different sauces at your dinner table. Choose any of the sauce from Original Food and get a box full of 12 bottles of your favourite in the same flavour. So, if you’re looking to serve a large crowd with a special sauce this is the perfect deal for you.

Weight 12 kg

Algerian Sauce Spicy DZ, Big Up, So Fish, Samurai, Mayo, Monster, Poivre, Marocaine, Ketchup, Cheezy, Americaine, Andalouse, BBQ, Hanibal, Pita, Blanche


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