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Undoubtedly chocolates are one of the most popular and perfect desserts especially  during chilly, cold, dark months. They miraculously reduce the intensity and length of coughs and help to keep you warm and happy. It is also said that chocolates are packed with flavonoids and mood elevating benefits to make you feel better and refreshed. 

These crunchie bites by cadbury are an incredible blend of deliciously creamy milky chocolate with golden crunchie honey bits to give you an excellent crowd pleasure. It is made with fresh full cream milk, butter and emulsifiers to deliver a full chocolatey heaven in every mouthful. Take a bite, you will feel a molten of chocolate and crunchies melting in your mouth.

These crunchy chocolate bits are miraculously delicious and once you eat it you want more so a big bar. Plus, the way honeycomb is evenly distributed through the chocolate makes it even more delightful and tempting. Just give it a try and believe me you’re definitely going to buy it again and again.


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