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Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce 3.78 L



Like other spices, pepper sauce has gained a sheer popularity in a very short interval and no delicious food is complete without using pepper sauce. The list of the ways to use pepper/hot sauce is never gonna end. There are so many types of  hot sauce with different levels of spices to add extra flavour and taste to your food. Whether you want to add heat and spices to your food or give some versatile flavour, frank’s redhot original cayenne pepper sauce is the ideal choice for you.

This incredible hot pepper sauce comes with just the right amount of spiciness and heat. And many people believed that the only ideal hot sauce for  wings and pasta. It contains a unique blend of vinegar and cayenne to add tartness and essence at the same time. Not only is it the perfect sauce to add spices to wings, it also works perfectly with  burgers, potatoes, meat balls, as well as baked beans. 

What’s more, it is made from pure organic products and does not contain a single trace of artificial flavor, making it the right choice for vegetarians and vegans. The 3.87 liter bottle contains enough sauce to make various recipes as well as topping pizzas, burgers, and more.


FRANK’S REDHOT ORIGINAL: Frank’s RedHot Original is made using premium aged cayenne chilli pepper for the perfect blend of heat and flavour
A PERFECT ADDITION: Give your chicken burgers, loaded hot dogs, sticky chicken wings and more, an added kick with Franks Red Hot sauce. Great for adding to Bloody Mary’s for extra warmth
FREE FROM: Made with natural ingredients, Franks RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper sauce is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and free from artificial colours and preservatives
BULK SIZE: Ideal for restaurants and pubs coming in a 3.78 litre bottle, use as a topper sauce or as an ingredient in a range of dishes and drinks
FRANK’S: Need some spice in your life? From hot sauce to spicy recipes, discover all the ways you can turn up the heat in your meals with Frank’s RedHot
country string: USA
specialty: Suitable for Vegetarians,Suitable for Vegans,Low Carb,Low Fat,Kosher


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