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Burgers and spicy – who would not love it? Burgers have distinguished popularity, and everyone loves to eat them. It is not a surprise that they are considered to be the most widely used food among Americans. They are packed with a lot of nutritional and flavourful ingredients. But, it is challenging to choose healthy burgers. 

Here original food has the world’s best spicy bean burgers packed with all the healthy and nutritional ingredients. They are crispy, delicious, and sweet at the same time. Top them with your favorite sauce or serve with ketchup. What’s more, they are slathered with crispy beans that make them the perfect snack to make your day. They are effortlessly easy to make. All you need is to heat them on a grill, put some chicken or beef with your favorite salad, top with ketchup, mayonnaise or sauce and enjoy it with your friends.


Kidney beans and vegetables formed into a burger topped with salsa sauce and coated in gluten-free breadcrumbs: 18 x 100g approximately

Contains kidney beans, carrot, and green pepper. Oven cook or deep fry from frozen.


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