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St-Pierre 4.5″ Seeded Brioche Bun


4 seeded brioche burger buns per pack

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Buns have enormous popularity worldwide and are often used as staple food. These delicious combinations of flour and water possess highly nutritional values and provide energy for daily living. They are an important source of dietary fibers and keep us fuller for long. Plus, there are many health benefits associated with buns as they significantly control blood sugar and keep our digestive system healthy. 

Seeing the enomour benefits of buns, original food has brought the delicious and healthy buns straight to your breakfast table. They come with an enchanting golden color, plump texture, a shiny glaze and topped with sesame seeds. These sweet and incredibly soft buns are pre-sliced and ready to use for making burgers. Top them with your favourite topping and delight your taste buds with the authentic taste and flavor.


Lightly sweet and incredibly soft brioche buns, each pre-sliced and ready for a burger of your choice. Enjoy an authentic taste of France, with a delicious plump texture, golden colour and shiny glaze – topped with a handful of tasty sesame seeds for the perfect bun.

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