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St-Pierre 4″ Unseeded Brioche Bun


6 brioche burger buns per pack

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Whether it is Mcdonalds, Burger King, In-N-out Burgers, or any terteril food court or a school, college, university canteen, their menu can’t be completed without burgers and french fries. They are considered the heart of the restaurants and cafes. But what makes the burger most delicious and popular fast food among people is Buns, Buns, and Buns.

But with so many types of buns in the market it is really challenging to choose the one with better quality and taste. Considering the sheer interest of people Pierre produces high quality seeded brioche bun that is super delicious and delightful to eat. This is a basic bun topped with a shiny, golden, plump texture to perfectly hold your filling.  It is extremely soft and buttery, making it an ideal choice for burgers and sandwiches. So, if you want to get an excellent burger experience, start with this greatest bun.


Deliciously soft brioche buns, ready to be filled with your favourite burger. With a golden, plump texture to perfectly hold your filling together and a shiny glaze on top, this gently sweet brioche bun tastes great with every type of ingredient.

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