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Supersalt Smoky BBQ


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Grilling is a thrill and no friends and family get-to-gather  is complete without a delicious, smoky chicken or veggies BBQ in your backyard. Whether it is summer, spring or winter everyone loves to have delicious and delightful BBQ chicken perfectly smoked over the grill and brushed with your favourite sauce. Just like the right grill, a perfect BBQ sauce is also needed to add extra flavour and taste to your already delicious food. That’s what Supersalt Smoky BBQ seasoning is made for. 

Our Smoky BBQ Sauce comes with a unique blend of some versatile ingredients and spices that efficiently enhance your food taste and make it extremely delicious and delightful.This incredible seasoning is packed with paprika to add vibrant color and chipotle for smokiness and spicy flavour to your food. Simply sprinkle a few flakes of this exquisite seasoning on your favourite food and make it extra delicious and delightful.


Ingredients: Salt, Rice Flour, Sugar , Chilli, Yeast I Extract, Caramelised Sugar, Tomato, Citric Acid, 1 Paprika, Fennel, Vegetable Oil, Natural Flavoring, 1 ; Capsicum Extract, Garlic.

Instructions: Sprinkle sparingly over freshly fried chips.

Allergen Advice: Product may contain traces of mustard, wheat (gluten), celery, Sulphur dioxide, eggs.

Nutritional Information: Per 100g Energy 742kJ/175kcal, Fat 0.9g, Saturates 0.12g Carbohydrates 28.07g, Sugars 37.74g, Protein 3.11g, Salt 46.13g, Fibre 1.83g.

Store in a cool dry place.


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