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Everything you need to know about Wagyu Beef

Everything you need to know about Wagyu beef

What exactly is Wagyu?

Wagyu (wah-gyoo) is a type of beef that is farmed in Japan. It is considered to be one of the highest quality meats, and it is also prized for its fine texture and flavour. Wagyu is not used for any specific cow, it is the best of the best. Surpassing regular beef in genetics, fat marbling deep inside the muscle tissue like no other livestock. Simply looking at the fat content will identify a good piece of wagyu steak, beef steaks have a thick layer of fat on the outer edge. Wagyu beef steaks have fat on the outer & inner sections of a steak. Lots of fat channels? – that is a premium wagyu steak!

Why is fat important in Wagyu?

Wagyu beef cattle experience part of their raising on a fattening farm. This is where they are fed the highest quality foods, raised in better-ventilated barns, and allow to grow slowly over 3 years, whilst normal beef takes 15 months. The soft tender meat is only complimented with fat during the cook. This is where the dissolving feature of wagyu meat comes from. It also carries many health benefits due to its essential fatty acids.

Where to buy Wagyu?

You can purchase premium wagyu beef products directly from Original Foods. Select from our range below & contact your nearest depot in Birmingham, London & Manchester. We service the UK with the highest quality premium halal beef products. 

Whats the hype about Wagyu?

A5 wagyu is a luxury item. Wagyu is a superior eating quality compared to other breeds of cattle. 

Why is it so expensive?

At the fattening farms, wagyu cattle are raised in ventilated barns and each one is given a name instead of just a number. They will be fed a high-fiber diet of rice straw, maize, barley, whole-crop silage, and concentrate

Is Wagyu good for business?

Wagyu offers economic stability & high-profit margins for businesses. Not to forget very satisfied returning customers

The Wagyu beef industry alone was valued at $22.64 billion in 2021 alone, Growing noticeably in recent years at an impressive rate

One wagyu cow is worth $30,000 in 2021, this is due to the high-quality grain, ventilation & experience the cattle experiences. It is expensive to maintain these high-quality conditions. 

Wagyu beef cow

How to cook Wagyu?

When you have a very high-end Wagyu, you barely want to cook it. In the middle, you want to keep as raw as possible. But even if it were cooked medium or medium-well, it would still be juicy,” says Giuseppe Tentori, executive chef of GT Prime in Chicago. “Just slice it super thin so it melts in your mouth

What is the Wagyu grading system?

The grading system is very simple to follow to understand the level of marbling within the fibers. The higher the grade the softer the meat will become during the cooking process. 

Grade ranges from 1-12 (lowest to highest)

  • A1 = Grade 1
  • A2 = Grade 2
  • A3 = Grade 3-4
  • A4 = Grade 5-7
  • A5 = Grade 8-12

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