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At so, we are here, at it again! That’s right. Telling you about how popular our 100% Prime Irish Beef has smashed its way across the UK and how we are leading the market of Halal Burger Wholesale.

Now isn’t it a wonder how our burgers are getting everywhere? We all used to love cheeseburgers, but these bad boys have killed the cheeseburger (a little bit like when Video killed the Radio store… pre-90s babies will know about that one)!

How does anyone choose which Halal Burger Wholesale products to go for?

That is an easy one. Quality? Price? Mouth-watering Scores? Ermm… and how about the sauces that come with them. BAM! There you have it. Every single possible check mark that you can think of we hit the spot.

Quality: Check! Impeccable quality, 100% Prime Well Reared Irish Beef. Taking Halal Burger Wholesale Products to the next level. What more could you need? Good meat is good meat and with these in your customers hands, expect them coming back for more.

Price: We all ask that question! Make sure to measure quality against price though! Our prices? Very reasonable. In fact, so reasonable it will leave your jaw hanging! Wide enough to stick an Irish Beef Burger in! Stop waiting and give us a call now. Or go to our brochure and start wowing your customers today!

Mouth Watering Score: 100 out of 10. That’s right! We are that confident. Try them! You won’t regret it.

What else do Original Foods do?

It doesn’t stop at halal burger wholesale products! In fact, we have something that we consider better than our burgers, and if added to them, will leave your competitors bankrupt. What is it?

Mum’s Sauce

That’s right. The original Mum’s Sauces are our specialty. And Original Foods are the exclusive distributors of these amazing sauces and the whole range. That means everyone you see with these sauces, well… that lovely supply chain trails all the way back to us. If you want to get these nice, tasty sauces at the best possible price then head on over to us if what you need is wholesale! We got you covered!

7Up Exotic Range

We also got those exotic 7Up drinks that have been popping up all over the place. They are super tasty, original, and not found in many supermarkets. Click here to see what we are talking about! Here are the flavours that we have:

  • 7Up Cherry
    • The name speaks for itself. Cherry, but not that artificial flavour we can find sometimes. This one is refreshing and will do well washing down some of our burger meat.
  • 7Up Exotic
    • What can go wrong with a drink labelled as exotic! And we kind of need that here in the UK. That Caribbean feel; Morocco; The Cayman Islands. You name it… we hope this drink will make you feel like you are there.
  • 7Up Mojito
    • Non-alcoholic of course! Refreshingly light and will leave tastebuds tingling. Goes very well with Halal Burger Wholesale products.

Concluding our Halal Burger Wholesale article.

And there you have it. If the above aren’t enough of a reason to get some of those Halal Burger Wholesale products, then give us a call or check out our Brochure. It’s all about the food nowadays, just take a look at Instagram. The world has gone Gourmet so do not get left behind.

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