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Original Foods, What else do they do?

Original Foods has supplied & distributed fast food products with quick & friendly service for 3+ years. We like to offer more for our customers by insuring they are catered to at every turn in the food service industry. 

Our extra services include

  • Private label for our exclusive Mums sauce
  • Free consultations for our customers
  • Purchase by the pallet
The best part: It’s Free

If you have any questions about the food industry please don’t hesitate to visit our Birmingham store and speak with one of our professionals.

Mum’s sauce is used all over the nation and has led to the franchising of businesses. Our sauce is ready-made, personalize it with your own logo and reinforce your branding with ease


Consultations include a range of topics from menu development, trending recipes & products to even structuring for your business

Purchasing by the pallet provides an easier ordering for those who require large volumes of food products. Mix pallets may be what you need to save yourself a trip up to our depot and have to worry about transport. Weekly deliveries all over the nation. Contact your relevant depot

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