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Chocolate Egg 12 Piece Box



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Who knows about this exquisite and renowned kinder surprise that comes with a miraculous treat for the imagination? And if you don’t know about this exciting surprise, then what about giving it a chance and you don’t know that the side you’re used to is better than the one to come. So, if you love to add surprises to your life, this little kinder surprise will not let you down for sure.

Kinder surprise or kinder surprise egg is a remarkable statement of delicate milk chocolate shell delicately surrounding a yellow plastic capsule. And what is more exciting about this exquisite chocolate egg- it comes with a surprise toy inside the body.  It is always exciting to see what little surprise they have for us. It was specially created for children in mind – based on a tradition of Italian easter families that give their children large chocolate eggs with toys inside. However, the kinder egg surprise toys from Ferrero are suitable for both kids and adults as well. 

This delicious and hearty chocolate egg is made with a unique blend of fine milk chocolate, skimmed milk powder, sugar, vegetable fat, butter, and some necessary emulsifiers – providing a world full of nutrition as well as entertainment. The chocolate tastes miraculously delicious and can’t be beaten. It softly melts into your mouth and takes you to a whole new world of imagination. So get this little surprise for your child and give them an exciting surprise full of pleasure and fun.

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