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Recipe – French Tacos with Spicy DZ, The original Algerian Sauce

Hey guys,

Ever heard of French Tacos? Doesn’t ring a bell does it? Aren’t Tacos meant to be Mexican? Well yes, you’re right but let us tell you a bit about this crazy recipe

Someone near the Alps mountains in France launched a sandwich in the late 2000’s. This was absolutely a revolution in the food industry in France. Their sandwich, called the ‘Tacos’, is a wrap with meat or chicken, a cheesy sauce, stuffed with fries and a crazy Algerian sauce. It has gone viral in Belgium, Morocco and other french speaking countries. It is coming slowly here to the UK so catch the trend early!

Among the most demanded sandwiches at home, chicken tacos come first, especially when you season them with Spicy DZ, the original Algerian sauce.

It’s true that the chicken tacos with the Algerian sauce are a delight, the only issue is when the Algerian Sauce runs out…

Were not going to tell you that we have only 1 recipe for chicken tacos, we make chicken tacos on the regular. We put in everything we like, especially what is available at home. And it is always better than the subsequent recipe, especially when it’s Mum’s

with tortillas, you can also make:

chicken fajitas,
chicken quesadillas
mushroom pizza,
Bolognese tortilla gratin

Preparation Time

20 minutes

Cooking Time

15 minutes

Total Time

35 minutes


Prepare the chicken:
2 chicken breasts
salt, black pepper, cumin, and fajita spices (otherwise the spices to your taste)
2 cloves garlic
olive oil

Algerian sauce:

Our lovely Algerian Sauce from Original Foods

To garnish the Tacos:

  • tortillas
  • sautéed chicken
  • ingredients on top
  • Algerian sauce
  • optional lawyer
  • Red onion
  • grated edam 


  1. start by browning the chicken with the ingredients from the list in a little oil
  2. cook until the chicken turns a nice color.
  3. mix the ingredients of the Algerian sauce, to have a nice sauce, taste to adjust the taste.
  4. garnish the tortillas with a little Algerian sauce
  5. layer the chicken
    add on top, the avocado in strips, the onion in strips, a little more sauce and
  6. garnish with a nice handful of cheese.
  7. fold the tortillas to enclose the contents, and
  8. cook in a panini press, or in a pan on both sides.
  9. enjoy while it’s hot!

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