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Ribeyey vs Striploin – A Guide To Wagyu

Ribeyey vs Striploin Wagyu

Wagyu steaks are a melt-in-your-mouth experience, but is still confusing on the difference between a Striploin and Ribeyey Wagyu Steak

Wagyu ribeyey striploin steak on wooden chopping board for sale Birmingham Original Foods

What is the difference between ribeye & sirloin steak?

To keep this blog simple top sirloin is cut from the round primal, near the hip of the cow. It’s a well-exercised region of meat as the muscles are used more frequently the others, leading to a leaner cut of beef. Ribeye steaks are fattier, as they’re cut from the rib primal area. This is a little-used muscle which means it holds a larger fat content resulting in a. Softer and delicate textured steak.

Why Is Wagyu Steak So Expensive?

The rearing method is what makes this beef expensive. In Japan, to qualify for the Wagyu mark, the cattle have to be reared and fed according to strict guidelines. At the fattening farms, wagyu cattle are raised in ventilated barns and each one is given a name instead of just a number. They will be fed a high-fiber diet of rice straw, maize, barley, whole-crop silage, and concentrate

Halal wagyu steak cooking instructions for ribeyey and striploin in Birmingham for wholesale

Why Is This Good For Business?

  • Wagyu offers economic stability
  • Wagyu beef was valued $22.64 billion in 2021
  • One wagyu cow is worth $30,000 in 2021
  • Customers already know high-end wagyu is expensive – The market already exists
  • Higher profit margins for Wagyu production
  • Does not require any special cooking methods, Simply season with salt & pepper or use a smoker to create smoked beef

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How To Cook Wagyu Steak?

When you have very high-end Wagyu, you barely want to cook it. The middle you want to keep as raw as possible. But even if it were cooked medium or medium-well, it would still be juicy,” slice thin and season lightly with salt and pepper – Let customers taste the meat and fatty contents fo a good quality Wagyu steak 

Wagyu grading system made simple

Meat Quality Grade












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