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The Best Burger?

The best burger? The subject may seem trivial but it is not and the questions around this sandwich are divisive. Each in his opinion and must place his preference when the debate begins to elect the best.
At the Boucherie Moderne, we decided to go back to basics: 1 bun + 1 meat + 1 cheese + 1 onion confit and some pickles + 1 salad leaf + 1 sauce. We give you our tips for closing the discussion once and for all and getting everyone to agree …


We won’t teach you anything, but a good dish is above all good products! At Original Foods you will find:
• 100% Prime Beef 90g to focus on quality and taste;
• Pickles picked and sorted by hand, packaged without preservative;
• Cheese from small producers

At this stage you are already well prepared but you are still missing two or three ingredients… The bun in particular!


Do not give in to simplicity and say goodbye to burger buns sold at the supermarket. Instead, make them yourself, the internet is full of recipes to make these delicious brioche buns, or try to find them at your baker!


A first slice of crispy bread then iceberg salad to add freshness and isolate the steak from the bun. A nice slice of cheese and if for you the onion is a must, add it as a confit to the garnish, but in small quantities. The tomato does nothing, you can forget it! For the sauce, add the Burger Sauce, this is the best. If you are super motivated, you can actually make the sauces yourself to make your burgers a legendary place forever … Finally, small pieces of pickles will add crunch and that’s it! When you stick to the classic, it always works …


Before getting down to dressing, make sure to grill both pieces of the bun. Buttered to your heart’s content, forget the toaster and equip yourself with a very hot pan to create a thin crispy film. The ground steaks are salted, ideally with sea salt, so that a crust forms during cooking. Heat the oven to 160 ° C and put the burgers mounted 3 minutes before serving them hot.

Ready to be served! And don’t forget, cutlery prohibited. We eat the burger with our fingers! Point.

Thanks for reading and bon appétit!

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