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The Best Cheese for Cheeseburger

The cheeseburger is one of the most wanted burgers among burger lovers and every small and large restaurant does offer at least a burger in their menu. It is a $40 billion industry. Did you know that the 18th September was the International Cheeseburger Day celebrated around the world? If you fancy going into different burger places to try out the different recipes from a take away to another. It is also enjoyable to try out making up burgers at home but for that you need a good cheese.

Here, are some special cheeses that would make your burger delicious and tasty.

List of Special Cheeses

Classic Cheese

It is a cheeseburger so the key to a great delicious cheeseburger is “the cheese”. Select a delicious, from-the-farm, dairy cheese and you can find it at any grocery, online cheese/grocery store, or special food store across the country.

You can build a cheeseburger with cheddar, blue or Swiss cheese at the start.

Cheddar cheese

The widely used cheeseburger helper is Cheddar cheese, which gives a cheeseburger a nice “tang” with bold yummy flavour. Cheddar cheese is available in two varieties, yellow or white range from mild to sharp. The mild cheddar will melt the best. While sharp cheddars aged four years or more are super delicious for your fancy cheese and cracker plate.

Blue cheese

When burger stuff with blue cheese, this pleasantly pungent and extremely creamy cheese makes a cheeseburger truly decadent. Many high-Fay steak restaurants often feature blue cheese on their burgers along with high-end bacon (Nueske’s from Wisconsin) so the combined effect of both creates one of the richest hamburger tastes around.

In short, the amount of blue cheese you add to the burger should be based on how much need and love it!

Swiss cheese

“Swiss cheese” tastes extra special when paired with bacon or sautéed mushrooms. This is also doing in the well known Mushroom Swiss Burger. Swiss cheese has a very distinctive mellow taste, which makes it a great choice to add to a burger. Traditional Swiss provides a stronger flavour profile than Baby Swiss, but with cheddar cheese, you’re better off saving the top-shelf aged stuff for the cheese platter. Baby Swiss is aged and has a milder, buttery flavour.

Different Cheeses on a table

Get creative with cheese choices

Brie cheese

A distinctive soft cow’s milk cheese developed in France. Brie cheese is often found on a cheese board, served warmed wrapped in puffy pastry for an elegant appetizer.

Goat cheese

You can use goat milk as cheese to get the delicious taste of a cheeseburger. A soft goat’s milk cheese adds a delightfully creamy tang to complement the seared beef. You can also add mixed-milk cheese combining goat, sheep, or cow milk for added complexity. If you are using one of these cheeses, skip the ketchup or any other sauce for topping the cheeseburger.


Nowadays, everybody loves to eat the yummy, delicious, tasty burger. To add more taste and flavour cheddar, swiss and blue cheeses can be added and some other cheeses added more flavour to a cheeseburger that can be easily available either from your home you can get them.

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