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What Are Wagyu Short Ribs?

Wagyu beef ribs side view on farm grass

Short ribs are a cut of meat from the lower part of the cow’s rib cage (the short plate) behind the brisket. The meat in beef short ribs is thick & full of intense infiltration & marbling strengthening its flavor & texture offering juicy meat served on the bone. This can be good for businesses as it offers a luxury experience for those dining in a high-end steakhouse. 

what is the Algerian sauce

How To Cook Wagyu

When you have very high-end Wagyu, you barely want to cook it. The middle you want to keep as raw as possible. But even if it were cooked medium or medium-well, it would still be juicy. A good quality cut of Wagyu beef should melt in your mouth like butter. 

Man eating burger good business

Is Wagyu Good For Business

  • Wagyu offers economic stability
  • Wagyu beef was valued $22.64 billion in 2021
  • One wagyu cow is worth $30,000 in 2021
  • Customers already know high-end wagyu is expensive – The market already exists
  • Higher profit margins for Wagyu production
  • Does not require any special cooking methods, Simply season with salt & pepper or use a smoker to create smoked beef

In summary, Yes this is very beneficial for businesses as good quality wagyu will sell itself. Just like our very own wagyu – Call us on 01213266333

Wagyu short ribs in Birmingham What is the wagyu rating system?

What Is The Wagyu Rating System

The grading system is very simple to follow

Grades range from 1-12. These are in order of quality with grade 12, being the highest & most valuable cut of wagyu beef. 


Meat Quality Grade












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