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The vegan brand changing the world

The vegan brand changing the world

PLNT is a healthier alternative for everyone who makes a conscious choice to eat less (or no) meat or fish. With PLNT, you’ll taste the original, but you’ll be eating completely plant-based, healthy & animal-free.

We all know by now plant base is a niche but trending sector in the food market.

Although it is a £4 Billion industry it still has a misconception for lacking 2 main components. Nutrition & a realistic texture. PLNT is here to prove you wrong!

They have created a variety of meat-free products ranging from beef burgers, chicken fillets, Sausages + more substitutes that have all the necessary requirements for a #healthy diet.

PLNT Soy-based meat-free products are full of Protein + Fibre and include a large amount of Iron, Vitamin D + B12. A healthy diet requires balance from start to finish which is why 0 wastage is key in the production of soy-based fast food substitutes. This is implemented through the production process of these delicious foods. 

During the production process, the energy is supplied through 100% waterpower, which means no Fossil fuels are burnt adding unnecessary pollution to the world. 85% of the extra energy + produced, is transferred rather than dispersed in the process. Each step is to ensure nothing is being wasted reducing the cost & efforts needed to produce large amounts of our vegan products. All of the bean is also used in the process aiming to achieve the highest potential for each soy bean.

Attention chefs!

What makes PLNT the perfect choice? It doesn’t require heaps of seasoning like other products. Simply season how you would with a standard piece of beef or chicken and enjoy! Find more recipes here

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