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What exactly is the spicy dipped burger?

What exactly is the spicy dipped burger?

Spicy dipped chicken burgers are notorious in the Manchester food industry. Demand has now spread all over the UK, but what exactly is it?

The concept is very simple & delicious. You prep and cook your fried chicken buttermilk fillet as you normally would in your business but with one extra step. Just before you layer the tender succulent fried chicken fillet in your Potato Bun submerge it in a tub of spicy seasoned dip sauce for 3 – 5 seconds, making sure to have a generous coating all over your breading.

Shake the excess off so it doesn’t make a mess and then proceed to assemble your burger with your desired ingredients & serve!

dipped burger powder fire cracker sauce
Fire Cracker Spicy Dip Sauce 10Kg

How to make your chicken dipping sauce

  1. Measure out 100g of the Fire Cracker Spicy Dip Sauce
  2. Measure out 900ml of hot water
  3. Mix together using a hand blender until a smooth consistency
  4. Store at 60°C in a Bain marine.

Each 10 Kg fire cracker dip sauce powder bag will give you 100 Litres ℮ of sauce

What ingredients are used?

Sugar, Modified Starch (E-1422), Tomato Powder, Wheat Flour (contains: Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamine), Flavouring Salt (Salt, Flavour enhancer (E-621), Vegetable Oil, Spice (Cayenne Pepper Powder), Thickening Agent (E-415), Natural Flavouring (Including wheat), Colour (160C), Herb (Natural FLavouring)

May contain traces of Milk, Soya, Celery, Mustard, Barley, Sulphate

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