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What is the Algerian Sauce?

What is the


It all started from Belgium, Europe. Belgium is a country that is known for its food, their way of frying fries is absolutely unique. When you eat fries, the first ingredient that comes to mind is : the sauce. Belgian sauces have a very strong reputation in Europe. A bit like Switzerland and chocolate, or France and cheese.

what is the Algerian sauce
Belgian Tradition

Excellence of


Belgium is a country with a vast North African diaspora, most of them being Moroccans. The second generation, those who grew up there had a mixed heritage of both North Africa and Europe. This cocktail has shaped a whole generation between tradition and modernity. In the saucy world of Belgium, it meant sauces from back home with a modern touch of spices and packaging.

How did it


The mix of these ingredients brought the Algerian Sauce or ‘Sauce Algerienne’ that has spread in a matter of months all over Belgium and France with its little sisters, the Burger Sauce and the Andalus.

Spread so Fast
our aim now



It has been since then, very famous in France and Belgium. These sauces are nationally distributed in superstores in all shapes and sizes. Our aim is to bring that on an international level via the internet.

What is in the Algerian Sauce? 

Here is a list of the ingredients in this amazing sauce!

Rapeseed oil, onions (contains sulfite), glucose-fructose syrup, tomato puree, vinegar, egg yolk, salt, modified starch, bell pepper, onion powder, wheat starch, spice extract, preservatives: potassium sorbate – sodium benzoate, acidifier: lactic acid, chili powder 0.1%, thickener: carob seed meal, natural capsicum flavor, antioxidant: calcium disodium EDTA. 

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