Wholesale Burgers | Quality Beef Burgers | Original Foods | Premium; Halal; 100% Prime
Wholesale Burgers

Wholesale Burgers | Quality Beef Burgers | Original Foods | Premium; Halal; 100% Prime

Look no further for quality wholesale beef burgers, taken from 100% Irish Grass Fed Prime Beef and considered by many as better than the average fast-food burger joint. How do we know? We’ve been supplying fast-food joints all over the UK as a Wholesale Burgers supplier for long enough to know that our foods win all the time.

That’s right, the reviews we are getting for these bad boys are smashing, gobsmacking and completely true! Our aim is simple: get these 100% Irish Grass Fed beef burgers in every single fast-food restaurant and burger place. We are not competing with the good old cheeseburger anymore. Original Foods, as a serious Wholesale Burgers supplier, have taken it a step further with 100% Irish Grass Fed Prime Beef (and HALAL too).

Do Original Foods Only Offer Wholesale Burgers?

Of course not! We are more than Wholesale Burgers suppliers! In fact, let us introduce you to our exclusive range of products for a moment. That’s right! Exclusive! Meaning we are the ones who supply the whole of the United Kingdom with these mouth-watering condiments – Mum’s Sauce. And be sure that you read that right. We are the one and only “exclusive” wholesale supplier of Mum’s Sauce (almost 20 different flavours and formats of these bad boys).

In other words: we are the source of the sauce.

Wholesale Beef Burgers added with Wholesale Mum’s Sauce = what could possibly go wrong? Something is missing though right. Buns! We got buns and we got plenty of them, seeded unseeded, double cut, brioche, Turkish bread…we do lots of buns.

Back To Our Burgers Please!

So, what is so special about us, as a Wholesale Burgers supplier, that is supplying countless food outlets, fast food parlours and restaurants from the north of the UK to the south? 100% Grass Fed Irish Beef. Want to hear that again. OK here it comes. 100% Grass Fed Irish Beef

The Irish Beef (A brief history before Wholesale Burgers suppliers came into the mix)

The Irish Beef Industry is known globally for its high standard and quality of taste. But what sets it apart from the rest?

Ireland’s mild, temperate climate, plentiful rainfall and rich soils lead to lush grasslands which makes up a good 60% of Ireland. So, there is no shortage of that special something that makes Irish beef so great.

With over 520,000 tonnes of beef produced in Ireland each year and around 470,000 tonnes of that exported, we can see from that alone, the high demand.

You see, in Ireland they do not treat cattle farms like factories. They are reared and fed well, taken care of, and left out in the open field to grow where they belong. And then, when the time is right, they are taken to be (well, let’s not go into detail here) … We are Wholesale Burgers suppliers, so if you need further info on the process of how the cows become burgers, google something like ‘how cows become burgers’.

And The Topic Again – Wholesale Burgers

One of the things we would like to raise alongside our burgers being 100% Prime Beef of super Irish quality, is the affordable price. We have managed to bridge the gap between quality and price, and with us being exclusive distributors of the popular Mum’s Sauce, once an all-inclusive purchase is made (burgers + sauce), food outlets and anyone else who buys, always see the real value for their money.

As much as we like to stay on topic of Wholesale Burgers, the sauces that we have are just so relevant. Because what is burger without sauce right? And for those of you who eat sauceless food, chips, and burgers: we do not judge; each to their own; that takes real character and strength. Most of us could simply not imagine eating a burger or chips with no sauce.

So, the formula is simple: wholesale burgers + wholesale Mum’s Sauce = a happy restaurant with happy eaters. We would love to show you just how popular we have become by giving you a list of all the food joints, outlets and restaurants who order from us. But sadly, GDPR doesn’t allow us to do that (Yikes!).

Let’s make it easier then! We are now supplying nearly every major city in England.

Home made Burger with Algerian Sauce

How To Make An Order Of These Quality Prime Beef Burgers

This we keep easy. Give us a call by hitting any one of the buttons you find on this page. It will bring you straight through to our team and we can get those burgers out to you with anything else you need. Once we send you our burgers, you do not just become customers. You become part of our team to get the High Street and food joints packed with quality foods. Our aim isn’t to only supply the whole of the UK. Our aim is to grow a community! A community that works together to deliver the best produce possible.

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The Types Of Burgers That We Have!

It is about time we got to the nitty gritty of it all. After all, what is a Wholesale Burgers supplier without a list of the burgers they have? Here are some of the burgers that we have to offer:

The list goes on!!

And we may have missed something there! Yes, lamb burgers. We have some of the freshest, juiciest lamb burgers that you will find. In fact, check out Our Brochure to see the full range available.

Ready To Go With A Leading Wholesale Burgers Supplier

Get in touch ASAP. Do not hold back any longer. You’ve nothing to lose by giving our burgers a try. As a result, you can start taking care of your customers’ tummies and make them smile with quality burgers and amazing sauces!

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