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Buy Algerian Sauce in the UK

The adventure of the Algerian sauce in the UK really started in Birmingham.

You all know, the Algerian sauce is from Belgium. It really started to kick out in France around 2006 / 2007. Birmingham is home to a large french community. A few guys started to import the sauces and sell them to their friends, on a personal scale. Algerian, Bigup, So Fish, they wanted to try out the British market. They eventually sold all their sauces but never really took it seriously.

In 2012, a French guy opened a fast food on Muntz Street, Small Heath Birmingham, that’s when it all started. This fast food, has evolved a lot and continue to grow successfully year by year. Everyone became addicted to their Algerian sauce, but people could never buy it.

With the years, the Algerian sauce became available within the community in Small Heath. Up until today, you can find find the Algerian sauce within Small Heath’s shop shelves. The Algerian sauce is only at it’s beginning in the UK and in the world generally. However we, at Original Foods, are here to make it available for you, and offer it to you whether you want to buy a single sauce or a palette, we can cater for that.

A lot of businesses are ordering this Algerian Sauce and all the others with us, they realised that not only it makes a real difference in their menus, but it also add a quality touch that raises them above the standard chip shop.

In any case, now you know where to buy Algerian sauce in the UK and elsewhere.


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