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7UP Mojito (EU)



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Who doesn’t love everyone’s favourite mojito drinks that are specifically famous for their versatile taste and refreshing flavour. It is undoubtedly true that mojito cocktails are the second most best selling drink in pubs and bars. Seeing the enormous love, 7UP have created a ready to go version of this versatile drink. Now you don’t need to squeeze lemon and gather up other ingredients for making your favourite mojito. 

All you need is to get this incredible ready to serve drink from the bar and enjoy it. It is a highly refreshing drink without any sugar and alcohol. It is made with lemon, lime, and a little pinch of mint for additional mint flavor and aroma. Get this marvelous drink and you will forget all other cocktails you have tried so far. 

It is divine with a revitalizing flavour and surprisingly delight your mood and taste buds in burning hot summer days. So if you’re in the mood to delight your boring, heated summer days, go with 7UP mojito. This fresh, lively, bold soft drink is full of spirit and highly refreshing for hectic sunny days. What’s more it is highly affordable and goes easy on your pocket.

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