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Who doesn’t love delicious, savory food on the table? We also know that sauce plays a massive role in maximizing the taste and flavor of the food. Even ordinary food can be hearty, delicious, and extra savory with the proper sauce. So, if you want to add a boost of taste and flavor to your food, you must choose the right sauce for your food. This Blanche Sauce from MUM’s is one of the most famous and frequently used sauces. 

Blanche has a unique mixture of oil, vinegar, sugar, and pickle to balance sweetness and tartness at the same time. This fantastic sauce is rich in flavor and tastes velvety. It pairs beautifully with grilled chicken, beef, fish, and all other foods. Pour a tiny amount of Blanche sauce into burgers or sandwiches, and it will surprisingly enhance the flavor and make it more enchanting. So, slather the food with this amazing, serve with wine and enjoy the hearty, delicious meal.


Ingredients :

Rapeseed oil (EU and non-EU). water, vinegar, egg yolk, pickles

(3%) (pickles, vinegar, salt), sugar, cucumber flavor, salt, onions, acidifier: acid lactic acid, antioxidant:

extracts of rosemary, garlic, stabilizer: xanthan gum, preservative: Potassium sorbate, May contain traces of


Weight 1 kg

950ML Bottle, 4L Pouches, Dosettes


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