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BOX OF 4oz X 48 PCS (5.42KG)


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Who doesn’t love biting into a juicy, fluffy, full of beef gourmet burger? No doubt burgers have become the staple food for Americans and everyone just loves eating them. Most importantly, they are found everywhere in restaurants, cafes, streets, drive-throughs, and many other places. But making the one at home has another level of feeling, as you can efficiently tweak the ingredients according to your taste and mood. That’s why Original Food has brought the ultimate Prime Beef Gourmet Beef Burger for you. 

This delicious and savory burger is exquisite and beyond comparison. It is made with premium quality meat with an excellent taste, flavor, and aroma that no other burger has. Plus, the thermal packing keeps the meat at the frozen level for up to 48 hours to preserve the taste.  So if you want to entertain your friends or family at a party in your backyard this pack of 48 burgers is perfect for you. Simply top this delicious burger with your favourite topping and serve it with a sauce.


Thermal Packaging System

This item will be sent with special isothermal packaging that will allow the patties to remain at a frozen temperature for up to 48hr.

Weight 11 kg


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