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Fish Burger 80g


REF 011 – BOX OF 40 ( 80G X 40 PCS)

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Burgers are special in our meals as they are simple and tasty. Everyone likes to eat soft, crispy, delicious burgers with their favourite fillings to suppress their hunger. Although meat burgers are also quite popular, fillet fish make good and more healthy burgers. That’s why we have brought the renowned Mack’s original Fish Fillet Burger to enhance your burger experience. 

These delicious and savory burgers are full of mouth-watering filler fish to thrill your taste buds. They are made of high-quality soft fish that is full of delicious taste, flavour, and nutrients. Also, they are simple and easy to make. Simply put the savory fillet fish in burger slices, slather with your favourite spice, and serve with a celsius sauce to add some extra flavor and taste.

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