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PITA 950ml MUM’S

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Everyone loves to eat delicious, savoury, and flavourful food to refresh our taste buds. But we also know delicious and flavorful foods require a large number of ingredients as well as a little more effort. So how can we get savour and delicious food without much trouble? Original food has the fittest solution for you. Our Pita Sauce from Mum’s brand is one of the best known gourmet sauces that surprisingly enhance your recipe flavour.

This incredible sauce comes with a miraculous blend of more than 30 ingredients that efficiently enhance your food flavour and make it more amusing. It is perfect for all recipes, whether eaten with savoury burgers and sandwiches, added to your most simple recipes or served with grilled fish, chickens and veggies. 

So, if you want to deliver a complete mixture of taste and flavour at your dinner table, it is the perfect choice you would ever have. Give this exotic sauce a try, and you will see it will surprisingly change your food experience.



Rapeseed oil, water, pasteurized liquid egg yolk, spirit vinegar, salt, parsley 0,5 %, natural extract, flavouring,

acidifying agents: E270 and E325 preservative: E202, dehydrated garlic 0,1 %, thickener: E412, antioxidant:


Weight 1 kg

950ML Bottle, 4L Pouches, Dosettes


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