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What is Mum’s sauce? -The Original Algerian Sauce

What is Mum’s sauce?


The Mum’s sauce brand has taken over the UK market by storm! They are widely known for their Spicy DZ, the original Algerian, Big up burger sauce, Bbq and Andalouse.

Original Foods has helped multiple businesses grow in order to franchise & increase their profits & customer satisfaction. We have amplified businesses by upgrading their menu with our very own products. The caramelized onions used in Mum’s Spicy DZ Algerian sauce emulsify the taste buds and amplify the desired taste. The infamous Mum’s Algerian sauce is a guaranteed game changer for its ability to compliment any product. Customers love this sauce with everything, try with smash burgers, fries & wraps today!​

This brand is one of many exclusive to Original Foods, one of the biggest Wholesale & Retail suppliers in Birmingham, located right here in Bordesley green, London & Preston.

The retail Mum’s sauce sizes range from 10 ml single portions sachets, 300 ml sauce bottles to 950 ml bottles.

The wholesale sizes are perfect for takeaways & restaurants using a large quantity of sauce & are looking to increase their revenue with increased customer retention. Purchase 10ml single portion sachets, 5-litre buckets, or 7-litre bags (split into two 4-litre bags)

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