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Exclusive Distributors of MUM’s Sauce – Wherever you are in the UK – We Got You

Mum’s sauce is a mouth-watering sauce for making your food more delicious. Original Foods are high-quality exclusive distributors of MUM’s SAUCE in the United Kingdom. The name is unique, and you can bet the taste is too!

The reason? The unique recipes were handed down from generation to generation by dedicated mothers. The Mum’s Sauce might even taste like the one that your mother might have made for you once upon a time! You can enjoy the same original and homely taste that Mum’s Sauce has to offer.

We are “The” Exclusive Distributors of MUM’s SAUCE

We, as wholesale distributors provide Mum’s Sauce throughout the UK, and we are “The” trusted, official and exclusive distributors with hundreds of well pleased permanent clients. Let’s see some of the benefits you can choose from the original foods distributors of mum’s Sauce.

But First… Who are Original Foods?

Original foods are one of the top distributors of sauces, burgers, drinks, and foods. And to add to that, we are the exclusive distributors of Mum’s Sauce.

If you own a food outlet or restaurant, then you most definitely need some original Mum’s Sauce to give an authentic taste to your customers.

Our sauces fit any food recipe, whether it be burgers, pizza, chicken, BBQ, curries, you name it! And even better, they should be at hand in your home kitchen to make your recipes more special. We deliver sauce daily to so many shops and restaurants based on the needs of their customers.

Original Foods offer more than sauces!. We can provide halal products to anyone, including restaurants, franchises, retailers, schools, and prisons; prime beef burgers, frozen meats, ready-made. All you need to do is whack it on the grill or pop it in the oven. 

Who are Original Foods then? We are your best friend!

The Sauces We Provide

The above is a list of sauces that anyone can order online at the Original Foods website, or call us if you have a wholesale order. Our team is available, ready to give you a smile and make sure you are running back for more!

Which Format Would You Like?

Yes, we know that the demand of every customer differs. Some food outlets need to buy huge tubs in higher quantities to save on costs and even get their foodies seeing a more authentic look to the sauces they use. Whilst others prefer buying sachets of sauces of different flavours for speed and ease – less work needed to dish it out. We introduce to the world, six different formats for your ease.

All of these are available:

  • Sachets (small single use sticks of sauce)
  • Small 300ml Mums Sauce bottle
  • Medium 500ml Sauce
  • Large 950ml Sauce
  • Bucket ( 3L or 5L)
  • Bag inbox

Why buy From Original Foods?

Efficient Customer Service

We set our clients at ease by providing a convenient, high-quality product brought right to their doorsteps. And to add to our amazing customer service, we offer prizes and giveaways for all of our customers from the very 1st order!

Lowest Market Rate

Because Original Foods are “The” Exclusive Distributors of Mum’s Sauce in the UK, our prices are of course the lowest. And we achieve this without compromising our impeccable customer service. Value and Quality. What an excellent combination.

Fast Delivery

We do our best to send your package the next working day securely. 

FREE SAUCE – Original Foods

Here we bring exciting news to you from Original Foods. Original Foods gives you the opportunity to win complimentary sauces every month. And why would anyone miss the chance to get something for free right? You do not need to pay a single penny. Just go to the main page of Original Foods and subscribe to our list for FREE. It will only take a few moments. Simply enter your name, number and email. 

Bulk Order – Pick and Mix – Best With Exclusive Distributors of MUM’s Sauce

We have provided our services to restaurants and food outlets for a long time. We understand how, when and what our customers need, so we provide an option to pick different varieties of sauces. For real bulk orders, give us a call and we will take care of you.

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